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    Too many lies about Nigeria!

    ByBassey Udo

    May 5, 2021

    By Usoro Usoro

    “Nigeria is one nation”. But that’s a lie. Big lie! Utter political deception. Nigeria is not one. Nigeria is a conglomeration of many nations. Just a geographical casing enveloping many bodies of nations. That is why Nigeria can’t blend!
    “Nigeria is indivisible”. Another big lie! To say Nigeria is indivisible is to say all the parts blend. But they don’t. Nigeria is already divisible. Years of attempts to weld the various parts have failed.
    “The government is on top of the insecurity situation”. A big fat lie! A very big deception! The government has actually shown the opposite. Rather than being “on top”, Buhari’s government has been submerged by insecurity. It appears helpless and clueless.
    “Government will leave no stone unturned to…” Nonsense verbiages! Fact actually is, this government is so inept, too weak, too aimless, too muscleless to lift a finger, not to mention turning a stone. In fact, since Buhari came to power, the only stone that has been turning “anyhow” has been Garuba Shehu’s mouth! Instead of turning stones, Buhari has helped grow many on our paths to any progress.
    “We will bring the perpetrators of this (?) dastardly act to book.” Nonsense, soulless chorus! Which book? 80 leaves exercise book or higher education notebook? This government has no more book to bring anyone. All the books are full, already. Books on insecurity. Books on corruption. Books on lies. Books on lack of political will. Books on nepotism. Books on inconclusive investigations. Books on numerous ineffectual laws. Too many useless books!
    Some of us are tired of this incessant audio bringing of wrongdoers to book. Bring them to justice, instead, mbok. Equip, empower and motivate the relevant security agencies to do their work. Prosecute the suspects, if necessary. Enable the courts to bring them promptly to justice. To tackle terrorists, herders, bandits (or whatever euphemisms you may want to use for them), act sincerely, but, yes act! Act like a trained general, who doesn’t need school set. Buhari and his team should wake up and do this job they bragged about in 2015. Leave books for the academics, joor!
    There are too many lies and insincerity from this government. Too many lies!

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