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Presbyterian children ask God to save Nigeria from Nigerians

With the current challenges Nigerians are grappling with as a result of unprecedented decline in the country’s economy,and the growing insecurity, even as the government appears incapable of finding solutions to them, Nigerins continue to look onto God for His direct intervention in their situation.
At the “2021 Children’s Emphasis Week Programme” organised by First Abuja Parish of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (PCN) which ended last Sunday in Abuja, the children of the church asked God to save Nigeria from Nigerians.
The prayer offered by one of the leaders of the children, Marian Ononokpono, asked God to intervene in the failings of our leaders at all levels, particularly in the poor handling of the country’s security challenge.
For Ononokpono, “everything rises and falls on leadership.”
“God Almighty, you are incomparable, in a class of your own. You were not made yet you made all persons and things.
“The animals in the sea, the birds in the air, principalities and powers, you made all for your glory. You are Jehovah Nissi , your banner over us is love, unconditional love.
“You are Jehovah Ralpha, your healing upon us is total and complete. You dwell in  a Heaven and the earth is your footstool. You made man and declared him fearfully and wonderfully made; you put our organs in their places and cause them to function. Great are you Lord and we so declare in worship in Jesus Mighty Name.
“If we say we are without sins, we are liars and the truth is not in us.
“But if we confess our sins to Him he is just and faithful to forgive us, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.
“Lord, we bring supplication on behalf of our church and the church universally. We ask for your mercy and Grace to carry on with the word in Spirit and in truth. We specifically pray that the Presbyterian Church will be in vanguard of transforming lives in Nigeria through the gospel of Jesus.
“For Nigeria, we have a single request, save us from ourselves. You said that if my people who are called by my name turn from their wicked ways you will intervene.
“Lord, intervene in our leadership failures, please dear Lord intervene in our security challenge.
Everything rises and falls on leadership, so Lord make Nigeria a better place by raising people who are called by your name to lead us in Jesus name. Amen.”


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