• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

    School feeding programme: Nigerian govt. feeds school children with N70 meal daily

    MEDIATRACNET The Presidency says the Federal Government spends only N70 per meal daily to feed over 9.7 million pupils in 53,715 government primary schools in 31 States under the National…

    DISCOs need N3.07 trn. in 5 years to boost electricity supply in Nigeria – Report

    The 11 power distribution companies (DISCOs) in Nigeria will need a minimum of $10 billion (about N3.07trillion) investments to boost their services over the next five years. This was contained…

    Court insists BPE DG must appear in person in contempt case over ALSCON

    The Federal High Court in Abuja on Monday adjourned proceedings till June 10 on a contempt charge against the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) and its Director-General, Alex Okoh. On…

    Nigeria’s NNPC commences oil search in Sokoto Basin

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    NNPC’s Baru Says ‘Very Much’ Support Saudi Oil Production Cut

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    A regulator tainted by corruption, weakened by immorality

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    PIB: A Historical Foundation

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    PIB Task Force: Another Phantom Wild Goose Chase

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    Finally, Nigerian govt. moves to obey Supreme Court ruling on ALSCON

    The Federal Government on Tuesday said it had finally commenced moves to resolve the over 13-year-old crisis over the sale of the $3.2 billion Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria, ALSCON,…

    Extractive Sector Transparency, Value Maximisation & Nigeria’s Economic Recovery

    I have been asked to speak about “Transparency in the Extractive Sector: Driving Wealth Creation and Sustainable Revenue as Solution to Economic Recession”. Since we are technically out of recession,…