News - Politics & Policy - May 16, 2021

Jonathan identifies NGF as best platform to discuss issues affecting Nigeria

The best platform to discuss issues affecting Nigeria remains the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF),.former President Goodluck Jonathan has said.
Jonathan who spoke in Benin City, Edo State on Sunday said the current antagonism between State governors was uncalled for.
He stressed that the coming together of all the State governors in a round table to discuss and proffer solutions to issues affecting Nigeria would exceedingly be of help to the President.
“Governors themselves should continue to meet. I don’t really love a situation where the Northern governors will meet, then the Southern governors will cry foul.
“Then the Southern governors will meet, and the Northern governors will cry foul. That will not help our country.
“The governors, through the Nigerian Governors Forum should meet regularly. They are the people who run this country. The President is just one person in Abuja.
“The states, especially in a country where the local governments are very weak, are where people fall back to.
“So, if the governors of the states meet and dialogue, interrogate things that are good for this country, then we will move forward.
“I don’t really enjoy the antagonism between governors. They should come together and discuss issues of national interest.
“If there are issues affecting one or two states, I think the governors should see how they can collectively come with a way to address those issues,” he added.
On his political conviction, the former president said he never believed in using temporary political office to punish people.
“My belief, particularly when I joined politics, was not to use a temporary privilege, a temporary position God has given to me to punish people,’’ he said.
Jonathan said people would always be remembered for the legacies they left behind.
“Some of the things I did while in office to which people still make reference to were based on my convictions not to use my position to cause the death of anybody.
“Any position I have occupied by divine providence should not be used to create hardship for other people,’’ he said.

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