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Energy transition impossible without clean access, says Neconde Energy


Aug 11, 2022


The quest for global energy transition will be impossible without access to clean energy for all citizens irrespective of location, Neconde Energy Limited has said.

The Managing Director of the company, Monday Okoro, spoke Wednesday as the surest bet for successful global energy transition and the fight against climate change.

Neconde Energy Limited, Monday Okoro made the assertion on Wednesday in Lagos at a panel discussion on Operationalising a Clean Energy Transition for Sustainable Development of Africa at the 45th Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE).

Okoro said both policy makers and players in the energy sector should strive to meet the huge energy demands of the citizens to ensure sustainable development.

He said access to clean energy was the only way the majority of the populace could be moved from poverty.

The NAICE forum was put together by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Nigeria Council, with the theme: “Global Transition to Renewable and Sustainable Energy and the Future of Oil and Gas in Africa’’.

Okoro urged the Nigerian government to focus on utilising the abundant gas reserves in the country to develop the country instead of exporting overseas to develop other economies.

The local usage of available gas resources, he said, would accelerate access to cleaner energy, to generate electricity for sustainable development.

On localizing the energy transition, Okoro, who is also a former Vice President of Schlumberger, noted that shipping gas to Europe was not a measure of success, as the should rather use the resource at home to reduce carbon emission in the country and prioritise the country’a economic development.’

‘’Gas can be used to generate power, so people can stop using diesel generators that have higher carbon emissions. If we channel our energy towards the development of the economy, It will also lead to more job opportunities for a sustainable economy,’’ he said.

The panelists all agreed that the sustainable development of the country by bridging the existing energy gap, and using the available resources should be the focus of the government and players in the sector.

Cleaner fossil fuel, they said, should be allowed to develop the African continent, like was used to develop Europe, instead of the clamour for its abandonment.

On the panel discussion were Seplat CEO, Roger Brown, who was represented by the company’s New Energies Director, Effiong Okon; MD/CEO, Heirs Oil & Gas Limited, Osayonde Igiehon, the MD TotalEnergies E&P Nigeria Limited, represented by DMD, Deepwater, TotalEnergies, Mike Sangster; MD/CEO NLNG, Philip Mshelbila, represented by the GM Production, NLNG, Adeleye Falade; COO, Sahara Energy, Henry Menkiti, represented by GM.Asharami; Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel, and MD, Nigerian Gas Marketing Company, Justin Ezeala, represented by GM Commercial, Chudi Okocha.

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