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    Dataphyte, Statista to offer global access to Nigerian datasets

    ByBassey Udo

    Nov 4, 2021


    Dataphyte Limited, Nigeria’s research and analytics company and publishers of the data journalism platform, has announced a content cooperation partnership with Statista Limited,  the global data firm aimed at providing global access to Nigerian datasets.

    Dataphyte in a statement on Thursday by its Chief Executive Officer, Joshua Olufemi, said the partnership gives 7Statista access to the use of data and reports it provides through its acknowledged data portal and socio-economic reporting platform.

    “The partnership will expand Statista’s commitment to providing real-time insightful data from Africa’s largest economy to the global audience,” Olufemi said.

    He said the partnership was part of Statista’s series of cooperation agreements targeted at increasing data about Africa’s social, economic and political ecosystem on its global online business platform.

    Dataphyte’s mission, Olufemi added, is to increase access to socio-economic data on Nigeria and beyond, connecting with Statista’s  vision of offering real-time data to support businesses and researchers with neatly curated data and actionable insights.

    “This partnership coincides with the time Dataphyte itself is launching the first of its kind data merchant platform to reach beyond the shores of Nigeria,” Olufemi said.

    Also speaking on the partnership, the director, Strategic Data Partnerships, Statista, Christopher Ekwuruke, said: “Dataphyte brings valuable insight into Nigeria to the Statista platform.

    “As we expand our coverage on Africa, we look to great partners like Dataphyte to keep our readers informed about the state of the nation in numbers.

    “Together, we look forward to sharing more insights and facts on the topics that take us deeper into Nigeria’s story of development.”

    Dataphyte has a vast database of socio-economic and development-focused data from Nigeria it updates regularly.

    Some of the data are sold on its data merchandise website and explanatory articles published on its news website, Dataphyte.com. 

    About Dataphyte

    Dataphyte is Nigeria’s niche media, data and analytics organisation with the tripartite mission to provide access to Africa’s socio-economic and development data that support public and private sector decision making, and to train the next generation of data service professionals through its data science education.

    The data journalism platform provides data insights and analyses of the Nigerian economy, security and socio-political and development themes.

    The website also provides data-driven solutions, fact-checking and advocacy content through compelling conversations, visualisations and other multimedia communication.

    Dataphyte also runs Dataplex and Open store as web platforms dedicated to offering paid and free socioeconomic and financial data.

    About Statista
    With more than one million statistics, Statista is one of the world’s leading data platforms for strategic market analysis, statistics and editorial research results.

    Statista.com offers direct access to data on over 80,000 topics and 170 industries from over 22,500 sources.

    Over 1.5 million registered users get access to reliable, quantitative facts compiled according to scientific standards from aggregated data, exclusive secondary sources and own surveys.

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