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    Bureau advocates review of standard bidding procurement to improve budget implementation


    Nov 1, 2022


    To improve the implementation of the annual budgets and ensure national development, the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) has advocated for a review of standard bidding procurement procedures for all ministries, departments and agencies.

    The Director-General of BPP, Mamman Ahmadu, said this at a two-day stakeholders’ workshop organised by the agency in Port Harcourt.
    Ahmadu said the stakeholder’s sensitization workshop on the draft review of standard bidding process and contracting documents used in the procurement of goods, works and services would be held in four locations across the country.

    “The review workshops will take place in four locations, namely Lagos, Kano, and Rivers States, as well as the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, starting with South-South and Southeast,” he said.

    Ahmadu, who was represented by the Director, Department of Special Procurement, Eze Obasi, said the workshops would be titled: “The Development and Revision of Procurement and Standard Building Documents”.

    He said the workshops would create opportunities to harvest valuable inputs from all public procurement stakeholders across the country.

    The aim of the development of new procurement documents and the revision of the existing procurement documents, Ahmadu said, was to address the inadequacies observed in ministries, departments and agencies in the use of the current document.

    “The essence is to ensure transparency, openness, accountability and to bring our standard practice to current trends in ICT and other developments,” he said.

    The BPP Director of Regulation Data Base and ICT, Aliyu Aliyu, said the review of the Bureau would be done from the regulators perspective and not to be reinvented totally, but to get information from various clients who have done it before.

    Aliyu said there would be triple addition of more information on the already existing standard bidding documents to cover some areas that were not covered before now.

    “We should have reference documents that properly address those areas to which we want to contact,” he explained.

    Aliyu said though the Act has given the agency the power to create the standard bidding document, it still has to be done by the people in order to achieve the successes of the contracts by the parties knowing their rights and responsibilities.

    He urged Nigerians to start adhering to regulations and conditions of contracts to achieve success in contracts. (NAN)

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