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    Aftermath of management sack, NSITF redeploys over 300 staff

    ByBassey Udo

    Aug 8, 2021

    Following the recent indictment and subsequent sack of the Adebayo Adebayo Somefun-led management at the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), a gale of reshufflement and redeployment has hit the workers of the agency.
    More than 300 staff from all sections, departments and units in the agency and across all regions of the Federation were affected.
    The exercise, this newspaper learned, was undertaken to sanitize the system  following the recent reconstitution of the management of the agency by President Muhammadu Buhari in July 2020.
    The management of the agency was accused of misappropriation and embezzlement of funds.
    The General Manager and Head of Corporate Affairs of NSITF, Ijeoma Oji-Okoronkwo, said in a statement titled, ‘Strategic reform and change management in NSITF’  that the redeployment exercise was carried out to complete the process of repositioning the agency.
    Oji-Okoronkwo said Zwalda Ponkap, who was formerly General Manager Audit and Inspectorate was redeployed from Audit and Inspectorate Department to Finance department as General Manager/ Head of Finance, while Babatunde Adegoke, a Deputy General Manager and former acting Head of the Lagos Corporate Office was redeployed to Head the Investment and Treasury Management Department.
    Also, Nasir Mohammed, an Assistant General Manager Kaduna Regional Office was redeployed to ICT Head Office as the Head of Department, while Lateef Musa, formerly General Manager Enforcement, was posted to Lagos Regional Office as the Regional Manager.
    The exercise affected Geoffrey Otokito, formerly Deputy General Manager, APRD, who was redeployed to serve as Regional Manager Port Harcourt region.
    ”The exercise which had been duly communicated to staff saw the redistribution of over 300 out of the over 5,000 staff strength of the Fund,” the statement said.
    “The staff were redeployed across various departments, branches and regions across the federation after a careful consideration of their core competences, skills and qualifications.
    ”All officers affected are encouraged to make good use of the opportunity as the redeployments are targeted at improving productivity, retooling, relearning, capacity building and ensuring that all hands are on deck towards achieving the Mandate of the Fund,” the statement added.
    However,  Oji-Okoronkwo said management has commenced the compilation and processing of relocation allowances for all redeployed staff to ensure a seamless relocation.
    Management, she said, hopes that all staff would bring to bear their wealth of experience and competencies in the realization of the strategic reform and change management of the Fund.

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